Tales of a London Poacher

Cleve Edmonston

About the Author

Cleve was born in Walthamstow, North East London on a cold day in January 1951 in the front bedroom of 12, The Crescent, a three bedroom house with bay windows sited in a small half moon turning off Station Road, close to St, James` Street and Walthamstow High Street.

As a child Cleve was thin and sickly and had pneumonia more than once and often suffered chest complaints due to the pea soupers, caused by the London smog, which during the fifties, killed many, young and old alike.

Moving just three streets away from where he was born, Cleve, like so many other children of that era, played in the streets of the East End with his mates, enjoying such games as `knock-down-ginger` and `run-outs` and exploring the derelict houses, waste ground and empty churches that were so abundant then.

From the age of five, Cleve attended Markhouse Road Infants School, then Edinburgh Road Junior and then Markhouse Road Senior School before leaving at the age of 15 to enter into an unbound apprenticeship with a top West End electrical company called Strand Electric based in Floral Street; a job that his form teacher, Mr. Cyril Malyon arranged for him to get.

Despite literally, the bright lights of London, where Cleve found himself working and in such prestigious places as the Wyndhams Theatre, The Criterion, The London Palladium, B.O.A.C. Cranebank, (later to become British Airways), and Granada film and television studios, working as an apprentice electrician, he had started to find a more exciting side of life hanging around with the elder brother of a girl in his class at school who began teaching him the ways of shooting and fishing and of how to poach the great London reservoirs for ducks and geese and fish.

It is to these ends that, Tales of a London Poacher finds its way to the book shelves in the hope that it will entertain and enlighten those that know nothing of the dark and mysterious twilight world of the poacher, yet dare to peer inside!

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