Tales of a London Poacher

Cleve Edmonston

Book Overview

Growing up in the East End of London, Cleve Edmonston might have been drawn to the bright lights of the city.

Instead, he followed the instincts that led him to a secret world; a world where wood-pigeons flighted to and fro on the great London reservoirs, and where rabbits and deer were to be found living in wild scrubland that lay just beyond the houses. Although largely self taught in the ways of wildlife and the countryside, Cleve became a proficient rifle-shot and pest controller developing a lifelong interest in field sports.

In the tradition of countryside writing set by The King of the Norfolk Poachers, Cleve tells in his own words, his Tales of a London Poacher.

Fieldsports Britain

The book was recently the focus of 'Fieldsports Britain' online TV channel.

Cleve takes us for a walk around London's East End and shows where he used to go pigeon, rabbit and duck shooting, and -- crucially -- how he avoided the attentions of the Old Bill. Please watch the episode below and don't forget to check out Fieldsports Britain

Episode 66, aired 2nd March 2011

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